COST Action CA15207

Professionalization and Social Impact of European Political Science

Petri Koikkalainen

MC Member

Dr Petri Koikkalainen is senior lecturer of political science at the University of Lapland (Rovaniemi, Finland) and adjunct professor of political science at the Universities of Helsinki and Jyväskylä. Since 2015, he is a member of the Executive Committee of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR). His research interests include governance, political thought and the history of political science. He has recently published in, e.g., History of Political Thought, History of European Ideas and Journal of the Philosophy of History. He is president of the Finnish Union for University Researchers and Teachers for the years 2015–18

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15 May 2018

PROSEPS General Meeting, Sarajevo

The third General Meeting will take place from 19 to 20th September 2018 at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University [...]