COST Action CA15207

Professionalization and Social Impact of European Political Science

General Meetings

The first PROSEPS General Meeting has taken place in La Valletta (Malta) from 26 to 27 January 2017.


Minutes of the 2nd Management Committe Meeting

University of Malta, Valletta Campus

Department of Public Policy

St Paul Street, Valletta, Malta

27 January 2017 from 14:00 to 17:00


Welcome to participants

The participants were welcomed by Prof. Giliberto Capano, Action Chair, and the other members of the Core Group, namely Vladimira Dvorakova (Action Vice chair), Gabriella Ilonszki (Leader of Working Group 1), Isabelle Engeli (Leader of Working Group 2), José Real-Dato (Vice leader of Working Group 3), Marleen Brans (Leader of Working Group 4) and Claudius Wagemann (STSMs Manager).


Establishment of quorum

The quorum was reached as 2/3 of COST Countries participating in the Action attended the meeting (COST doc. 134/14 B.2 “COST Action Management Monitoring and Final Assessment” Annex I, Article 8).


Adoption of the agenda

The agenda for the 2nd Management Committee (MC) meeting was adopted.


Follow-up of MoU objectives: progress report of working groups after the sessions held in the Malta meeting

Following a short presentation of the WGs activities given by the respective leaders, MC  has taken the following decisions.


Scientific planning

1a) With regard to the second Grant Period, MC decided that objectives and goals of the Action will be as follows:

  • Objective 1: Mapping the current state of professionalization and social impact of political science in Europe. Goals: a) definition of indicators; b) preparation of questionnaire and launch of the survey
  • Objective 2: Coordinating information and data collection through the organization of  4 Working Groups. Goals: data Collection and delivery of some data-sets
  • Objective 3: Consolidation of a common broad thematic framework. Goals: knowledge exchange
  • Objective 4: Promoting a truly cooperative and integrated network of scholars dealing with the study of political science’s professionalization. Goals: a) knowledge exchange; b) transfer of technical know-how
  • Objective 5: Reinforcing the methodological instruments used for the comparative study of mobility and internationalization of political scientists, as well as for the measurement of their social impact. Goals: preparation of questionnaires
  • Objective 6: Developing adequate technical tools (dynamic web-based data sources, permanent layouts for the collection of expert surveys, statistical summaries of existing sources of scientific impact). Goals: activating and populating the web site
  • Objective 8: Clarifying strengths and weakness of the current degree of professionalization of the discipline. Goals: a) Proseps editorial outcomes to be planned for GP III; b) further research projects


With regard to WGs task and deliverables for the next Grant Period, MC decided the following:

WG1 Tasks:

  • Definition indicators and variables (June 2017)
  • Framework for analysing institutionalization of Political Sciences (December 2017)

WG2 Tasks:

  • Definition indicators and variables (October 2017)
  • Code book of the most relevant information to be collected about the international circulation of the research of European political scientists (April 2018)

WG3 Tasks:

  • Preparation of the questionnaire in collaboration with the other WGs (By October 2017)
  • Launch of the Survey (starting from November 2017)

WG4 Tasks:

  • Definition and indicators (June 2017)
  • collaboration with WG3 in preparing the questionnaire (May-June 2017)
  • Active role in the Open Survey (starting from November 2017)

According to the above listed objectives and goals the MC has decided that:

1b. by October 2017, the MC members will collect a national list of political scientists in each Country participating in the Action pursuant to the definition and the instructions which will be provided by the Core Group at the beginning of May 2017

1c.  Starting from November 2017, the MC members will collect the basic sociological  features and areas of interest of national political scientists

(The  Action Chair has presented a first draft of the budget of the II GP, based on the decisions made by  the MC  respect to approved the goals and objectives. The draft has encountered the favour of the MC. An e-vote will be launched at the beginning of April to approve it)


Planning of future meeting

MC decided that the following meetings will be held:

  • 24 March 2017: Core Group meeting in Florence to plan the coordination of the activities of the II GP starting from the results of the Malta event – 1 day/2 nights;
  • September/October 2018: WGs meetings – the WGs Leaders may arrange joint meetings and will choose the venues accordingly;
  • February/March 2018: General Meeting and Conference (venue to be chosen by an internal call)


Any other business (AOB)

MC agreed that a common strategy will be determined on the following topics:

  • Fund raising
  • Institutional collaboration with national and international associations devoted to the study of political science




6 November 2017

PROSEPS General Meeting, Lisbon

The second General Meeting will take place from 15 to 16th March 2018 at the Institute Of Social Sciences, University [...]